About company

We have been existing as a company since 1992.

From 1994 we have been specializing in designing and building of non-system fair stands. Our firm was one of the three companies dealing in fair business in Poland which started to create a new offer of non-system (shell) stands. The design of "our" stands moved away from the general tendency of design line which was based on using a very popular standard/shell system - OCTANORM.

However, for the present , clients having very limited budget for their stands also may find something for their system stands trying to receive maximum architectural and design possibilities using our offer of system stands.

In 1996 we obtained the Poznan International Fair concession for building stands.

Most of our realizations take place in the area of the Poznan International Fair but we have all possibilities to work in whole Poland and in Europe. From 1999 our company has been associated with the Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry placed in Poznan.

Today our range of services includes system stands, non-system stands, outdoor stands, pavilions. We also built two-storey stands .

We could also use a special professional lights, sound system and multimedia system (computer, flat-screens, video-wall, TFT/LCD, DVD). If the terms and regulations let we are able to suspend the truss construction from the hall ceiling.

We can also organize and manage all the administrative affairs of your company connected with the event. Among our clients there are a lot of small , middle-sized companies and also real leaders in their brand, e.g. GROUP RENAULT, GROUP SCANIA, GROUP PILKINGTON, Spanish Corporation of Manufactures of Car Parts and Equipment. We could make any effort to create your stand. We built a stand with budget more than 100 000,00 EURO ("Budma" 1999), we also built a stand 11 m high ("Budma" 2000), non-system stands of total area of 400 square meters (in Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw) - we made it in 2 days ("Light Fair" 2003).

We are an experienced partner - Poznan International Fair and other Polish fair centers appreciated our realizations, we had been awarded many times but the greatest joy for us is your satisfaction with our work. We have European TAX number.

We assure you of our best attention.

Speaking English : Krystyna Gonczarenko :

+ 48 42 682 25 32

Mobile : + 48 502 030 241

e-mail : krystyna@stoiskatargowe.pl

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